"Using science to understand how little girls’ and boys’ experiences shape them into the young women and men they will become."

Lisa Dinella's New Book Gender Typing of Children's Toys
Lisa Dinella Visits the White House to Discuss Gender Disparities in Children's Toys and Media
Play, Learn, Careers

Play is Important!

Dr. Lisa M. Dinella investigates how girls and boys choose their toys. She also studies the messages toys and the media send to young children about being a girl or a boy. Learn why Pink Gives Girls Permission.

Learning and Research

Lisa Dinella works closely with educators, helping them use science to decide what is best for their school.

She also helps corporations design research studies and assessment tools, and harness quantitative analytics to answer their questions.

Career Analysis

Why are 96% of administrative assistants women, and 87% of civil engineers men? How do we open paths to financial independence to both genders? Read Lisa Dinella's recent work on Sex-Typed Personality Traits and Gender Identity as Predictors of Young Adults' Career Interests

Children create their ideas about what it means to be a girl or a boy early in life.
Lisa Dinella investigates this process, and how it impacts them throughout life.

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