"Using science to understand how little girls’ and boys’ experiences shape them into the young women and men they will become."

About Lisa M. Dinella, Ph.D.

Monmouth University
Associate Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. in Child Development and Family Science from Arizona State University, 2004
Doctoral Collateral Area: Quantitative Statistics
Alumni Relations Coordinator
First Year Advisor

Contact Information:
Office: Howard Hall, Room 126
Phone: (732) 263-5295
Email: Ldinella@monmouth.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lisa M. Dinella is the Principal Investigator of the Gender Development Laboratory at Monmouth University. Dr. Dinella's interest in psychology and gender studies started as an undergraduate at The College of New Jersey. She received her training in conducting school-based empirical research at the School of Family Dynamics at Arizona State University, where she earned her master's and doctoral degrees in Family Science, with concentrations in Marriage and Family Therapy and Child Development. Additionally, she was an American Psychological Association/Institute of Education Sciences Postdoctoral Education Research Training Fellow.

Lisa M. Dinella, Ph.D.

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